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Conjunto Twins BPLK
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The Twins Belly Pad & leg protection is made to handle the world-class punishment that Top fighters dish out. It comes with a Velcro waist closure at the back; this allows for quick transitions from one training scenarios to the next; it also ensure an easy, secure fit. The Belly Pad & leg protection is ideal for training : low kicks , push kicks, knee strikes, and overall clinch training; it can be used in combination with punching mitts and kicking pads. Made from skintex and fine, high density padding.
239,00 €
Sob encomenda - Entrega mais demorada
Extra large wall unit that allows for all kinds of combination punches, uppercuts, hooks and jabs with white hitting targets.
Constructed of premium leather and industrial nylon lining for durability with a pre-stuffed high density foam core system for performance training.
550,00 €